Idea: What's Your Record?

Under Armour needed an experience that was reflective of passion, design and innovation; a presence that would become a destination, in and of itself, in their new 9,000 square–foot Disney location.

Under Armour needed a retail experience that reflected their passion, design and innovation.



Starting with Under Armour’s belief that everyone is an athlete, we created a custom in-store experience that empowers future athletes through connected fitness.

Latitude is not just an agency, they are a true extension of the UA team. ”

- Senior Retail Marketing Manager, Under Armour


We designed a one-of-a-kind, fully connected in-store experience that lets people measure their speed, jump height, power and reaction time. Connecting to the UA Record app allows users to share their progress and get tips on how to improve.


We tested, prototyped and created mock-installs, while simultaneously working on design and engineering. The end result was installed in time for the grand opening of the Under Armour store.


Total Performance Record was so successful at driving engagement with shoppers of all ages, that it’s now being rolled out as a permanent integrated experience in select UA stores around the world.

From development to execution, they are an amazing partner in bringing our vision to life in our brand houses. ”

- Senior Retail Marketing Manager, Under Armour


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