Rapid Virtual Solutions

The speed of now – powered by ideas to propel your world forward. Whether it is turning your store inside out to ignite through social media and virtual engagement or creating the next photoshoot out of thin air to release products across the globe. We’re ready to go at a moment’s notice. The time to transform to the future is now. Let’s go together.

You have business problems that you need solved yesterday. We're here to help you solve them. Let us provide collaborative, agile, idea-driven solutions to address your most pressing problems.

Workshop Action

We facilitate in-person or virtual workshops designed to generate multiple ideas for current brand/business challenges. We use our Transformer Model + Idea Combinator to quickly plug in known problems, antidotes, and assets – then we unleash our talented strategists, designers and producers to identify applicable ideas to tackle those challenges head-on.

Be Relevant Today

Ideas make the world go around, create movements or simply inspire a moment in your day. We believe the good ones turn into stories with three things in common. First, they should be personal. Great stories have intimate detail wrapped in emotion. Second, they should be impactful. What is that emotion and is it incredibly intense to the point where you can feel it deeply? Lastly, it should be memorable—worthy of your 6 seconds or 6 minutes. Everything matters when developing storied content. To get each one right we start with the end in mind. We write, design and execute toward a desired emotional response to earn the desired physical action we’re looking for. We can do all of this remotely with in-studio photography, three-dimensional rendering motion and full-scale animation. Let’s make some stories.

Convert Your Audience

At Latitude, digital is not a department or expertise limited to a small group of staff. Our entire team prides itself on bringing modern, digital-first, data-driven solutions to every challenge our clients present.


From social to paid media, eCommerce to VR, our team is platform-agnostic, allowing us to deliver the most modern, optimized tools without limit. This rapid approach, paired with our obsession with measurement and data, allow us to be the perfect mix of speed and smarts to elevate brands in the modern landscape of today.

Times of radical disruption call for radical transformation. We transform brands to their authentic future selves with relevant engagement and increased conversion. ”

- Jeremy Carroll

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