Idea: True Native

Reebok asked us to create an experience authentic to the city of Atlanta. In continuation with the 3:AM series, we launched an exclusive capsule inspired by ATL native artist Freako Rico and creative collective Love Renaissance.

Reebok, in continuation with the 3:AM series, asked us to create a brand experience authentic to the city of Atlanta.


3:AM is an exploration of creativity, so in developing this capsule, we pulled inspiration from what brings the city of Atlanta to life: neon lights, the hip-hop community, and the MARTA transit system.


Paying tribute to the hustlers who chase their dreams, we created a brand experience that included three interactive vignettes: a Magic City inspired stage, a custom Foot Locker pop-up shop, and a dynamic photo booth featuring unique FRKO street art.


We completely transformed the warehouse into an immersive experience captivating guests with neon energy while creating sharable/Instagrammable moments.


Second in the 3:AM series, the Atlanta exclusive capsule was a success, as it stayed true to its roots. At max capacity, the event sold more product than previous partnership events and made an impression in the local and national fashion and sneaker community.


We followed up the event with a retail launch at Foot Locker stores in the surrounding area.

520+ attendees, 59% sell-thru on footwear, 79% sell-thru on apparel, 61M impressions earned.

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