Idea: Dare to Alter Your Path

Reebok asked us to launch Alter the Icons, their largest retail campaign ever. We connected with consumers by creating ownable in-store moments and regionalizing six emerging artists for five Foot Locker retailers.

Reebok asked us to launch Alter the Icons, their largest retail campaign ever.


The campaign paid tribute to unique Reebok artists with daring stories and unexpected paths to success.


At the photo shoot, we helped capture artists in the surroundings that shaped them—from the steps of Spanish Harlem to a neighborhood bodega. The artists acted as “cell towers” to amplify the Alter the Icons story within their regions. This simultaneously ensured retailer differentiation and creative strategy across five regions and three product drops.


Inspired by Reebok’s heritage, our creative approach, “Dare to Alter Your Path,” remixed layers from the past with iconic imagery and unconventional brand moments.


As we executed the Alter the Icons campaign across U.S. markets, we blended the artists’ individual life paths with the authentic sensibilities of each retailer’s muse to tell unique, compelling stories.

We created immersive, unexpected activations within the Foot Locker and Champs flagship retail stores to help build hype around the launch.


The two hyperlocal retail experiences connected consumers with artists who are relevant to their neighborhoods. Additionally, the campaign and product launched within 800 stores per drop. With the success of 2018, Latitude reinvented the story in 2019.

Campaign photography © ONLUNCHBREAK

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