Idea: Coloring Outside the Lines

Puma asked us to create disruptive spring and summer seasonal content that could be used online, in-store, and across an array of social channels.

Puma asked us to create seasonal content that could be used across marketing channels.


The retail industry is flooded with singular, mismatched marketing tactics that make it difficult for consumers to build brand familiarity. In response, we created a modular photographic system that was flexible enough to thread visual content across an entire season.


To tell the unique story behind each collection, we concepted each and every shot using bright, bold colors, backgrounds, and patterns, along with a pop-art approach that utilized repetition.


To achieve a monochromatic look and feel and highlight the product, props and backgrounds were painted white. Floods of color and final touches were added post-shoot to find the perfect balance of commonality and distinction across every shoe collection.


Final content was used on influencer pages, sneakerhead sites, social media, e-commerce, in-store and more – all in a way that built familiarity and affinity with the Puma brand while driving shoe collection sales.

We're so happy with how the photoshoot turned out. It was true to brand, product, and functional for use in the marketplace. ”

- Creative Planner, Puma

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