Idea: Play On

PF Flyers needed to broaden their reach. We capitalized on their undeniable sense of self, standing for and celebrating individuality, not only in fashion but in life. This helped us define a new and exciting era for them.

PF Flyers needed help to broaden their reach, we capitalized on their refined sense of self to define their new era.



PF Flyers has inspired play since the very beginning. From basketball to the Sandlot, the youthful, optimistic spirit lives on — off the court and on the street. Whether it’s customizing surfboards or exploring new urban eats, the cool thing about their fans is, they don’t have to play the same game to appreciate life. And to that, we expanded: “Run faster. Jump higher. Play on.”



“Play on” steps away from the competition, away from what’s been done, away from the stale posed looking-at-camera influencers, and towards real people doing extraordinary things all in the name of play. These people are unique with their existing effortless styles, wrenching on bikes, drag racing rat rods, and thrashing pools on skateboards.


We captured these playful daredevils in a documentary style, flirting with lo-fidelity at times to create a genuine experience authentic to PF Flyers. This candid approach is as if the viewer is joining a group of friends on an adventure.

Run faster. Jump higher. Play on.


The campaign is ongoing, and has expanded across multiple mediums from social and digital to print and collateral connecting the consumer with PF Flyer’s new brand position and campaign.


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