Idea: Rugged Makes It Possible

Oxx, an indestructible coffeemaker, needed a strategic brand idea, identity and campaign for their crowdfunding efforts on Kickstarter and pitches at big box retailers.

Oxx needed a strategic brand idea, identity and campaign for their crowdfunding efforts on Kickstarter and their pitches at big box retailers.

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Oxx Coffeeboxx is the world’s first coffee brewer designed for outdoor use—construction sites in particular. Therefore, it couldn’t come to life in the same category as the brewers that sit on kitchen counters. As a start up, Oxx needed to enter the market just as bold as their product.


To position their flagship coffee maker, Oxx needed an idea that spoke to the heart of what it could do—perform beyond a normal brewer—with that, our key idea was born. Rugged Makes It Possible allowed us to market the Coffeeboxx as a tool or piece of equipment that’s every bit as important as a power tool used on a job site. 


The campaign idea, Beyond Rugged, cemented our strategy and drove raw, bold branding to speak to this tough, no-nonsense audience. An ox head was crafted to appeal to construction workers, but also weekend warriors, athletes and tailgaters. The face foreward no-nonsense logo is confident and strong with integrated linework for mark and logotype. Everything else was designed, written and shot to be as tough as an ox. 



Oxx was not only chosen as a Staff Pick on Kickstarter, they surpassed their overall goal. With huge success, they’ve been featured in Lowes Innovation Labs and received coverage from sources such as CNET, Uncrate, Forbes, Food&Wine and Outside Magazine.

If coffee is the nectar of the gods, then this is Thor's coffee maker. ”

- Outside Magazine


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