Nicaragua is a place where we invest in ongoing sustainable change. Our focus areas include supporting micro-loans that transform lives and communities and funding students at an entrepreneurial high school.

In Nicaragua, we support micro-loans that transform lives and communities, and fund students at an entrepreneurial high school.

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, rich both in history and traditions. Beauty can be found in every corner, but so can poverty; it’s the second-poorest country in the region, with 75% of the population living below the poverty line.

Though education is free throughout the country, schools and resources are hard to come by in rural areas. Poverty aside, this country is full of incredible people who just need an opportunity.

Insight trips to Nicaragua are typically 6 days long, which gives us time to experience the culture and meet the people we serve.

Day 1  Travel to Nicaragua
Day 2  Visit Emprendedora (entrepreneurship) School and Pacaya Lodge & Spa
Day 3  Visit microloan recipients and attend a trust group meeting
Day 4  Visit artisans who participate in Opportunity International’s Ojala program
Day 5  Visit farm families involved in a community development program
Day 6  Travel home

Uncovering the giftedness in humanity is the greatest way to move the world forward. ”

- Jeremy Carroll, Co-Founder & President

Opportunity International

Nicaragua is one of our longstanding nonprofit partner organizations working to support the poor in their efforts to rise out of poverty. Opportunity Nicaragua works by linking the most promising economic development strategies with microloan opportunities to accelerate and elevate the poor out of poverty. Their programs are designed to holistically address a range of economic, social and spiritual issues.

I often think about the students we met. With a strong education their options are unlimited. ”

- Sarah Svien, Administrative Assistant

Next steps

Insight trips are life changing experiences. If you have questions or want more information about joining us on the next one, please contact our trip coordinator: