Idea: Be Relentless

The Minnesota Lynx wanted a multi-year campaign that energized their fans and reflected the team's greatness on and off the court, starting with their 20th Anniversary Season.

The Minnesota Lynx wanted a multi-year campaign that energized their fans and reflected the team's greatness on and off the court, starting with their 20th Anniversary Season.



The Minnesota Lynx were at the top of their game. They were the winningest team and had an incredible in-arena experience—perhaps the best in the league. How could they bring this incredible game to more people to inspire kids around the region to be the next generation of super stars? Especially when the WNBA plays during the summer months when most people want to be outside? They needed a new campaign to celebrate their 20th anniversary season and maintain their dominant momentum.


To celebrate their anniversary and build on the team’s excitement, we created a new campaign focused on their players while elevating the Lynx brand. ‘Get Up’ serves as a rally cry to existing and soon-to-be fans that celebrates the legacy players and young guns alike. The look and tone are strong and bold just like this dominant team. We directed hero photography to be shot of the team and created dynamically animated type, numbers and line work to bring the heat. To roll out the campaign, we developed an extensive yet flexible toolkit to use as a playbook, allowing for a seamless handoff to the Lynx’s in-house creative team. As the multi-year campaign evolved, we partnered with the Lynx to expand on their biggest needs including more variety for social needs, photography assets, a custom number set as well as thinking for activations and digital add-ons.


Through insight and collaboration, the ‘Get Up’ campaign has garnered high adoption from the MN Lynx organization, praise from the fanbase and is entering its third season of use.

This campaign is meant to acknowledge this franchise’s success while communicating that there is more to be done. We want our fans to get up with us and celebrate our four-time champion Lynx. ”

- Ethan Casson, CEO, Timberwolves & Lynx


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