Idea: Power Shift

Thompson Hall, a growing Twin Cities law firm, asked us to define their brand as they set out to make a series of important strategic decisions.

Thompson Hall, a growing Twin Cities law firm, asked us to redefine their brand.


Working against conventional wisdom surrounding lawyers, we sought to bring the empathy that this firm has for its clients to the surface. At the core, the firm’s attorneys and staff believe in using their knowledge and expertise to empower others. This insight led us to the brand idea of “Power Shift,” which set the tone for the new name and identity.


A power shift can take many forms; revolutions, the tipping of scales, a swinging pendulum. These metaphors provided distinct visuals and a story that allowed us to capture the essence of Thompson Hall and what they stand for.


From a progressive new name, Jux Law Firm, to a visual identity with gravity, to bold collateral, the new brand captures their unique, collaborative spirit, and leans in to the idea of power shift on all touch points.

Your work for our firm was transformational; the rebranding directly caused extraordinary growth in the right direction. ”

- Jux CEO & Attorney


Since the rebrand, JUX Law Firm continues to create disruption in their category. Not only is their mission  attracting new clients, the firm has acquired sought-after talent within the industry.  

Jux is disrupting the legal profession with a mission and purpose that aligns with who I am. ”

- Hennepin County Bar Association President, Minneapolis


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