With low local awareness, Highland Park Scotch Whisky desired to be, well, desirable amongst the raging Minnesota Viking fan base.

With low local awareness, Highland Park Scotch Whisky desired to be, well, desirable amongst the raging Minnesota Viking fan base.



Highland Park Scotch Whisky, the northernmost single malt Scotch whisky distillery in the world, was recently selected to be the official whisky of the Minnesota Vikings. With that badge of honor, they needed to elevate their game and show up in a highly visible, premium and engaging way both inside and outside of the stadium. Despite being founded in 1798, Highland Park Scotch Whisky had low brand awareness in the Twin Cities market creating a challenge in and of itself.



Given Highland Park’s unique history, which includes both Scottish Highlands and Viking roots and lore, provided ample inspiration. We created Norse Park which featured one of Highland Park’s 30-foot Viking ships. Our team surrounded the ship with nordic tents, wood planking, textures, finishes and furnishings to create a comfortable and inclusive visitor atmosphere. What began as a simple activation turned into a destination for Vikings fans and Whisky-lovers alike. Experiences ranged from cask-holding competitions, to selfies in an oversized Jarl’s throne, to educated tasting experience from the Viking ship bar. Once inside the stadium, premium ticket holders were met with a Highland Park bar takeover and treated to bar cart service in their suites led by our most educated brand ambassadors.

The team is both open to new ideas, yet also pushes back when needed or when they have alternative solutions. Their design and ability to bring Highland Park to life in a premium way has been a breath of fresh air. ”

- Lindsey Nauman, Brand Manager, Highland Park Whisky


Rain or shine, sleet or snow, Vikings fans came out to enjoy Norse Park with enthusiasm in true Minnesota fashion over the duration of 3 hours at each of the five game day tailgating events. 5,000+ fans came through the experience, where 9,000+ samples were provided, 600+ Throne Photos taken and 400+ Cask games played. Skol!


Foot Traffic & Dwell – 5000+

Samples Provided – 9000+

Throne Photos Taken – 600+

Cask Games Played – 400+


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