Idea: Less is More

adidas Parley chose the NHL All-Star Game to debut the first-ever jersey featuring repurposed and upcycled materials. They asked us to create a sustainable platform to help tell the story behind the product.

adidas Parley asked us to create a platform to showcase jerseys made from repurposed and upcycled materials.


In situations like this, brands go big. But what happens to that massive installation when the event is over? Most activations present one of two options—either make it cool, or make it environmentally responsible. We challenged ourselves to do both.

Having previously partnered with both adidas Parley and adidas NHL, this project presented a unique opportunity to find overlap between three distinct consumer muses.

adidas came to us with hours of footage from multiple brand partners. From this, we curated a cohesive 10-minute story and layered in brand messaging. To present this to the world, we created a larger-than-life display, mirrored on both sides. We call it an Infinity Display.

To make a screen this large, we started with a skeleton of locally-sourced, FSC-certified wood and skinned it with an industry-leading LED system. All rented components, so no need to trash anything when the event ended.

We wanted adidas to show up with quiet confidence—a small footprint with a big impact ”

- Ali Weber, Account Director

We created a distinct brand moment within the chaos, a quiet space designed for accountability, where guests learned about our ocean’s future while staring themselves in the face. Opposite the Infinity Display, a league’s worth of adidas Parley jerseys pay off the product tagline—From Threat into Thread.

A screen became an environment, an educational oasis from the rest of the event. When standing within the structure the content extended infinitely, while directional speakers provided additional ambience.

After learning about the adidas Parley partnership, brand ambassadors helped guests make a pledge of their own. These were collected and published within Parley’s existing platform.

We created another Infinity Display and built a VIP space around it. This served as the backdrop for athletes to receive their gear kits and for adidas to sign future talent.

Each kit came with a custom, laser-engraved luggage tag. And for each tag, a tree was planted.

We managed hospitality for adidas to host athletes and their families, creating a reflective moment within a hotel dominated by event chaos.

And when the All-Star game ended, our structure lived on. We worked with local producers to disassemble and create future structures for Global Green, a climate change organization, to help with theater production at local schools.

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