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At Latitude, the Director of Operations serves as the “Control Tower” to ensure the successful creation, management and delivery of project engagements. This is a critical role for Latitude in part because the role is essential in mitigating risk, coordinating talent and establishing processes necessary to effectively and efficiently deliver want for our clients. More importantly, this role serves as the intersection of all elements necessary to deliver value to our clients.

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In a nutshell

To perform effectively as the Director of Operations, you thrive on organizing and implementing some level of control to mitigate the constant threat of chaos. You enjoy the inherent challenges in the operation of a service organization which is dependent upon client work and the performance of agency personnel. You like to be in the mix of all of it helping to ensure we are setting up the agency and the client for success with accurate project pricing, realistic timelines and the right team with the right skill sets. You are a relationship builder and advisor at heart. In this role, a core requirement is to build trust and mutual respect with account teams, creative teams, product teams and senior leadership. Operations will play a vital role in helping the agency deliver profitability through the close relationships with Account Managers and Creative Leads to ensure we are staying within the scope of work and hours on each project.

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Ins and outs

Core responsibilities include:

  • Operating Fundamentals. The Director of Operations will ensure the Account Managers (formerly Project Managers) are learning and mastering the skills of project management, scheduling, resourcing, estimation and forecasting.  Account Managers will report directly to this role.
  • Estimation Development and Review Process.  The Director will be responsible for ensuring all estimates generated by the Account team are following a common approach (toolset and process) leveraging best practices based upon lessons learned from past projects, consideration of the complexity of the assignment and how the estimates are mitigating Latitude’s risk.  The Director will work with the Managing Director and/or CEO to review and approve these estimates before being sent to a client.
  • Resource Management.  The Director of Operations will be responsible for ensuring our talent is being utilized in a reasonable fashion – not underutilized and not over utilized.  This is a balancing act for sure, but one that can be done based on your experience (aka war stories) along with the relationships you have with each and every person at Latitude.  The Director of Operations will work closely with the Managing Director to help guide the growth (hiring) of full-time staff vs. the use of freelance contractors. 
  • Talent Management: The Director of Operations will work as the/with the hiring manager throughout the recruitment process of new talent. Additionally, you will ensure FTEs have a successful employee onboarding process.
  • Freelance Pool Management.  The Director of Operations will maintain and coordinate the use of freelance talent when it is required on our accounts.  Updating the master list of preferred freelancers, ensuring they have a positive experience with Latitude and helping them to become a part of the Latitude family is vital to our ability to deliver for clients. You will own the initial outreach/relationship with freelancers and it will be the Account Manager’s responsibility to communicate/manage freelance talent throughout the duration of a project. 
  • Latitude Asset Organization. The Director of Operations will lead the way to help the Latitude team organize itself to ensure client materials are being stored in a consistent manner, that the use of Google Suite and the files created there (proposals, pitches, etc) are available to all Latitude employees and that assets such as logos, photos, etc are easy to find for all people at Latitude.
  • Operational Tools. The Director of Operations will own the use of tools and processes to help make Latitude more efficient and effective.  This includes the ownership of our project resourcing, estimation, IT systems, communication, and other tools.  The Director of Operations will work closely with the Managing Director to ensure the right tools are in place to help our teams be more effective.
  • MSA Management. The Director of Operations will support the Account Team, Clients and Latitude in reviewing and routing needs to get an MSA in place when required.
  • Vendor Management. The Director of Operations will be responsible for the systems required to help the agency operate and function.  This includes management of our IT support services, legal needs, insurance and property. 

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In your back pocket

You could tell stories about:

  • The network you have and how you want to grow it to support the growth of Latitude
  • How you’ve built relationships with your colleagues and have helped with efficient project delivery
  • How you develop estimates and know what to watch out for, based on your client management and delivery experience
  • How you’ve earned the trust of creatives and have helped them be a part of delivering efficiently
  • How you’ve jumped into a variety of roles to ensure the agency and our teams were successful
  • How you’ve established processes to help agencies move faster and more efficiently
  • Your ability to motivate a team and guide them with rock star time management and organizational skills
  • The time when you were the calm in the storm
  • When you’ve gone the extra mile, including some occasional off-house work time, to make a difference

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Who we are

Latitude isn’t an ordinary design shop. We’ve seen first hand how extreme poverty denies so many in the developing world of the chance to fully use their talents. That’s why we invest 50% of our profits towards elevating humanity. So, you see, we’re not just doing great work to fill our books, we’re doing it to make the world around us a better place. Putting that purpose behind everything we do ignites our team to do our best work. As for the cherry on top, we partner with killer brands so it’s easy to get excited about the work, even on Mondays.


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