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At its core, our account team at Latitude serves as business leads for our clients. We are objective focused, crafting solutions that solve for existing or impending brand, marketing and business challenges. We are fired up to help our clients maximize their opportunities and help their business’s thrive. This is where our account team lives and where Latitude’s value resides.

Latitude Elevates

In a nutshell

To perform as a Business Lead, you are a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit who is driven by earning the right for more work with a client. You enjoy owning and developing the working relationships with clients and ensuring the rest of the Latitude delivery team appreciates their point of view and desire to improve their business. As a veteran of this industry, you have a few war stories to demonstrate you understand the orchestration of many energies and desires to bring sound and creative ideas that create business value for our clients. While you can juggle chaos, you can also temper it, organize it and create a sense of calm for all involved.

Latitude Elevates

Ins and outs

Core Responsibilities


Earn the right as a trusted partner/advisor

  • Be consistent and transparent to build client trust.
  • Mentor others for how to build strong, trusted relationships – which is more about being an advisor than a charming support system.
  • Own the successful delivery of solutions, leveraging both your Project Management and Creative teams.
  • Be prepared for all scheduled meetings, checkpoints and reviews by ensuring your team is prepared and that we are leading our client when we need to lead.
  • Leverage consultative skills and advance questioning skills to help your client think, clarify and prioritize what is most important for the business/brand.
  • Be willing and able to have tough conversations with clients that offer them feedback for how to get the best out of Latitude.


Translate ambiguity into clarity

  • Be able to lead and/or join new business calls.
  • Have the ability to manage complex client calls through questioning and confirming skills.
  • Enjoy the process of capturing the meaningful data/information (vision, needs, requirements, etc), confirming it with the client and then using it to inform the team.


Design projects to achieve specific business outcomes

  • Define scope, timelines, resource needs and approval of briefs.
  • Learn the ins and outs of our resourcing tool, Workamajig.
  • Participate in daily/weekly SCRUM meetings for the agency resourcing needs.
  • Collaborate with Project Manager on resourcing needs, project budgets and key milestones to measure progress.
  • At times, be the Project Manager for your clients if needed.
  • Care about and manage profitable project delivery – for the benefit of the agency and the client. 
  • Financial ownership of client SOWs/Proposals, monitoring and reporting.


Develop new opportunities for Latitude

  • Be proficient in how to tell the Latitude story and our capabilities and why we are unique.
  • Enjoy the experience of presenting proposals and walking through how we will solve their needs.
  • Ask for the business.  Leave no ambiguity in the minds of the clients, if we want it – ask for it.


Be a humble leader

  • Seek to understand before trying to be understood.
  • Ask for assistance, for counsel, for feedback on how you can make a greater impact.
  • Offer feedback – both praise and also ideas for how a colleague can improve/make a bigger impact.
  • Demonstrate the way in the practice of our core values: Courage, Openness, Ownership and Respect.

Latitude Elevates

In your back pocket

  • You’ve got some good stories based on your six to eight years of account leadership experience in the marketing industry.
  • You know how to quickly work with G-Suite (Gmail, Slides, etc) and Microsoft Office.
  • You know how to own the room, present with conviction and persuasion and can respond to challenges in real-time.
  • You enjoy the crunching and managing of numbers (estimation and budgeting) and have a few best practices.
  • You see the strength in being diligent about details, being prepared and having your team prepared. 
  • You set high expectations for yourself and your team as you deliver the Latitude experience.
  • Often called the “calm in the storm” you are effective under pressure and a sought-after refuge.  That said, you know how to release the “pressure” to ensure you are maintaining your mental health.
  • You want to be a contribution to our clients and Latitude within our fast-paced environment.
  • You have excellent communication skills and also know they are something we all practice together.
  • You like the dynamics of situations and enjoy solving them to make forward progress. 
  • You’d say you’re a rock star in time management and organizational skills – and others would agree.
  • You have a willingness to go the extra mile including some evening and weekend work.
  • You hold an internal passion for continuous learning by proactively seeking counsel, mentorship and feedback.
  • You enjoy traveling for work when it is necessary for the client and for Latitude.
  • You want to be a part of, and help design, opportunities for the agency to improve humanity – whether it be in the global community or in our local communities.

Latitude Elevates

Who we are

Latitude isn’t an ordinary design shop. We’ve seen first hand how extreme poverty denies so many in the developing world of the chance to fully use their talents. That’s why we invest 50% of our profits towards elevating humanity. So, you see, we’re not just doing great work to fill our books, we’re doing it to make the world around us a better place. Putting that purpose behind everything we do ignites our team to do our best work. As for the cherry on top, we partner with killer brands so it’s easy to get excited about the work, even on Mondays.


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