Idea: Be the Blessing

Calvin Christian School was at a philosophical crossroads along with facing declining enrollment. They needed a brand strategy to that could lead them in the right direction.

Calvin Christian School asked us to rebrand to more accurately reflect their purpose-led approach to academics.



Calvin Christian School was facing a lack of awareness outside of its small community of students, families, staff and alumni. In order to grow their school and reach its full potential, they needed a focused strategy on which to build their brand. They needed to rename and rebrand the school to more accurately reflect its distinctly purpose-led approach to academics with the aim to raise its visibility.


Through our intimate strategic work, we found that the school believes every child is uniquely gifted, and its purpose is to “fan into flame” those gifts. The name “Avail Academy” was selected to express the idea we all should willingly use our gifts for a greater purpose. We created a brand look and feel that was clean, modern, vibrant and lively and designed to have a toolkit of parts that could be mixed and matched. When it came time to name and design a mascot, we took an audit of surrounding private schools and selected a mascot that was both unique and a representation of valor and strength. We designed almost every brand touch point – from an elaborate brand book and school signage, to swag and a new website. Avail is leading the charge in guiding their pupils to be great students, yes, but also great leaders.

The new branding totally captures our spirit and what makes us special. I love it all. ”

- Beckie Cantwell, parent of Avail student


We delivered a cohesive brand identity which is rallying a community around a purpose movement in Christian education. This sound approach has created excitement, energy and an unprecedented demand for branded apparel and merchandise. The school’s distinctive name and magnetic design are garnering a lot of inquiries from around the Twin Cities and has already increased enrollment for its second school year as Avail. Go, Valor!

The Latitude team took the time to really know and understand our organization from the inside out. The end result included a brand that all stakeholder groups recognized, and they could easily share our 'why' with others. ”

- Bethany Schuttinga, President of Avail Academy


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