Idea: Drop the Mic

AsicsTiger tasked us with ideating, shooting and producing creative for a few upcoming shoe launches. The campaigns needed to increase consumer perception of Asics as a lifestyle brand.

AsicsTiger tasked us with ideating and producing creative for several shoe launches, focusing on being portrayed more as a lifestyle brand.


In order to cut through the clutter of the sneaker world, we focused on creating unique stories for the introduction of each silhouette, derived from consumer insight for self expression. These ideas came to life though photography and animation.


The concept “Mic Drop” was created for the Gel-Lyte MT capturing the mindset of standing out at parties.

The Gel-Lyte 1 “Mother of Pearl” focused on the colors, textures and its namesake.


Through the use of blacklights, colored spotlights, curated props, color blocking, and shoe-matching textures, the unique stories and ideas were able to come to life through photography and animation.


The “Pensole” was a collab shoe with Foot Locker and the Pensole Footwear Design Academy, designed and developed by students. The idea “Keep Spinning” leaned into the 90’s music inspired shoe design.


Images made their way across various channels and platforms from influencer pages, e-com, social media channels and in-store helping drive shoe sales, hype, affinity and further push AsicsTiger into being perceived as a lifestyle brand.

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