Idea: Heart & Hustle

adidas needed help creating a community-centric Originals flagship store near Wicker Park. Our Heart & Hustle concept was born from research and strategy to make the experience authentic to Chicago.

adidas needed help creating an Originals flagship store experience that feels authentic to Chicago.


Our concept leans in to the raw streets of Chicago, where underdogs are born to rise.


Chicago is a town full of underdogs. Hustling, striving, always moving forward. We wanted to capture this unique spirit and inspire our guests to keep going and creating.

Our focus was to increase the sense of Chicago at every touchpoint by bringing essential pieces of the city inside that also felt raw and original like adidas.


Turning brainstorms to sketches and 3D renders into reality, the concept came to fruition throughout the store, from the speaker wall to the fitting rooms and other various dwell spaces.

The adidas Originals flagship store in Chicago shows our ongoing commitment to exploring new and innovative ways to be part of the local community. ”

- Pascha Naderi-Nejad, Senior Brand Director, adidas Originals


We produced a custom speaker wall to nod to the old record store that once inhabited the space and created fitting rooms that pay homage to classic silhouettes like the Stan Smith as well as the new, modern icon; the NMD.

We even enlisted Chicago-based “calli-graffiti” artist, Tubs, to create an illustrative and creative edge in the restrooms that brings Chicago’s street art inside the space.


Through local partnerships and insight, the space is filled with moments of discovery to make the experience special and truly unique to its location.

“The 4,966-square-foot space is designed to ‘generate a localized, community-centric experience that pays homage to the pulse of the city’s streets.'”

“The shop itself is inspired by the local community and will feature rotating work from local artists.”

“… adidas enlisted Chicago’s hometown heroes Tubsz and POSE to create customized art pieces and installations for the Wicker Park store.”

“Inspired by the heartbeat of the Chicago …”

“… the design pushes the local angle further, with CTA-inspired custom signage spread throughout the store, plus a pretty on-the-mark ‘L’-inspired fitting room …”

“… bring[s] a community-based shopping experience to the Windy City.”


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